Approaching 75 Years..

In for the long haul

Since we opened our doors to the world in 1950, Wyrefab Inc. has served its customers with great pride and even greater appreciation to those who have trusted us with displaying their product to the world of retail. We value meeting customer needs and expectations. Our team of dedicated professionals work diligently to deliver what’s expected. On time. Every time.

Wyrefab opened its doors in 1950 in Venice, CA and quickly grew into one of the country’s premier wire display manufacturers. It wouldn’t take long to realize there was a need to move into larger and more accommodating facilities to support our growth. All thanks to customers like you, who trust our craftsmanship. 

From Venice to El Segundo, to our headquarters in Gardena today, Wyrefab Inc. has the same mission; to deliver to our customers the World’s Finest Point of Sales Displays.

What we do best

For nearly 75 years, we have worked with varying types of materials to include woods, plastics, steel tubing, sheet metal, wire, faux wood, glass and more. Point of Sale examples include:


  • Calendar
  • Greeting Card
  • Postcard
  • Bread Carts, Racks and Shelving
  • Seed Displays
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Merchandise
  • Clothing
  • Liquor
  • Book and Magazine
  • Countertop and Wall Hanging
  • Grocery Retail Fixtures