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About Us

Wyrefab Inc. was founded in 1950 by William Massey with the assistance of two investors.  The business started as a small operation and began manufacturing a small sample of products out of a 2500 square foot building in Venice, California.  As the business slowly grew, the investors were later bought out by current President Charles Nick.  Mr. Nick started making outbound sales calls to seek out alternative forms of business.  Taking "baby steps", the company developed a line of Baby Food dump baskets for small cans and bottles. This concept snowballed and led to a stackable bread basket system for the Wonder Bread plant in Beverly Hills, California. This concept was a huge success, and Wyrefab Inc. began selling the system to bakeries all over the country.

As demand grew, the company expanded by renting 2 more buildings next door to it's Venice location.  John Massey, current C.F.O. of Wyrefab Inc., then joined the company.  In the mid 70's, John superseded his father after his passing.  Under the control of he and Mr. Nick, the business boomed.  Wyrefab Inc. grew so large, the company moved to El Segundo, California where it called the business home for 18 years.  Finally, when the company outgrew that facility, they moved on to their current destination located in Gardena, California.  Wyrefab Inc. is currently one of the largest manufacturers of Point of Purchase Displays in the United States.  Wyrefab Inc. takes pride in stating that all of their products are Made in America.

Over the years, Wyrefab Inc. began to develop any and everything a customer would request for their display needs.  Examples of this include a line of stock greeting card, post card, magnet and keychain displays for the Gift Industry.  But the core business of Wyrefab Inc. has always remained the same.  Wyrefab Inc. produces specialized displays for almost anything a customer could ever need or imagine.  Displays are designed in house and are built using wire, wood, tubing, plastic and sheet metal.  Wyrefab Inc. has produced anything from wire inserts for holding dinnerware on several major Airlines to record racks for Capitol Records to cosmetic displays for MaxFactor to Panty hose displays for a number of Hosiery manufactures.  These are just a few examples, the list of products created is nearly endless as the list continues to grow after 60 years of business.

Wyrefab Inc. started in America in the 1950's.  The concepts that prevailed in those times still hold true for Wyrefab Inc. to this day, which is all to uncommon in modern times.  Customer Service, the feel of a "family business", and the idea of the customer is always right still ring true even though times have drastically changed.  Most businesses these days are more concerned about the bottom line than the reputation they retain with their customers.  Please contact us at any time, we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have and accommodate all of your needs.

Below is just a small example of some of the Retailers where Wyrefab Inc. products are used:

99 Cent Stores Ace Hardware Barnes and Noble
Bass Pro Shops Bed, Bath & Beyond Big 5
Big Lots Blockbuster Bristol Farms
Cracker Barrel CVS Dillard's
Fred Meyer Fresh and Easy Hallmark Stores
JCPenney King Super Kroger
Lowes Nordstrom Office Depot
Party City Safeway Seven-11
Spencer Gifts Sports Authority Sports Chalet
Staples Taco Bell Target
Thrifty Drug Stores Toys R Us Tractor Supply
Vons Walgreens Walmart
Whole Foods